Thursday, October 29, 2015

Elasticsearch 2.0 released!

Elasticsearch 2.0 is finally out! They actually released a number of new releases including Kibana 4.2, Marvel 2.0 and Sense 2.0. Definitely a lot of new stuff!

Released Elasticsearch 2.0. A major milestone and achievement of the whole team, and wonderful contributions from the community. New type of aggregations called pipeline aggs, simplified query DSL by merging query and filter concepts, better compression options, hardened security by enabling security manager, hardening of FS behavior (fsync, more checksums, atomic renames), performance, consistent mapping behavior, and many more. Also, it bundles Lucene 5 release, which includes numerous improvements, several of them led by our team.

Watch the release webinar now!

  - Craig

Friday, May 22, 2015

FastCompany: Googles InnerTube Project to Retool YouTube

Fast Company: Google InnerTube project to retool YouTube is a great article talking about a lot of the more recent changes that Google has been making in order to fix some internal development issues and make YouTube more of a competitive destination for watching content.

It's funny hearing the talking about the mess of Frankenstein projects that had grown up over the years. It seems like every project that's in continuous development turns in a Frankenstein. It's always a constant battle to keep a project clean. If you don't, then up you end up reaching a point where you almost have to over from scratch to get the project where you you need it to be.


  - Craig

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Nathan Paco - A New Year in Data Science: ML Unpaused

A New Year in Data Science: ML Unpaused
A good read on Data Science and some of the advances being made more recently. He presents some history around machine learning and developments around the real job of Data Science.

There are some good insights around the need to focus on data and features instead of focusing on which algorithm to use. Many times people look more at how to build something instead of what problem they are trying to solve.

Nathan certainly knows what he's talking about. I met him last year at Hadoop Summit in San Jose. He has been working with the Spark guys and Databrix. Take a minute and look him up.

  - Craig