Wednesday, February 15, 2012

MySQL Cluster 7.2 Released with 70x Increased Performance and NoSQL Features

I ran across a tweet about this on and thought it was pretty interesting. MySQL Cluster 7.2 Released with 70x Increased Performance and NoSQL Features.

I know that there are several companies that are using MySQL in a nosql style, usually simplifying and de-normalizing the schema, doing mostly key access, things like that. It's pretty neat to see Oracle trying to take things to a new level with MySQL. I'll need to look into this some more.

  - Craig

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Martin Fowler - Polyglot Persistence

 I don't think this article is particularly new, but certainly makes a good point about persistence. We're not really transitioning to a nosql persistence world as much as we are transitioning to a polyglot persistence world.

Anybody that is doing anything out there right now is using some RDBMS. As with any data system, there is a lot of inertia in that data. The larger the data collection, the larger the inertia. Most nosql systems are being brought in to supplement existing RDBMS systems. This may be because some nosql systems have a particular strength or advantage over their existing RDBMS, or a nosql system is brought in simply for experimentation. There are very few places that replace their existing RDBMS. Especially for transactional systems, I think RDBMS certainly still have the upper hand.


  - Craig