Thursday, August 9, 2012

Querying 24 Billion Records in 900ms (ElasticSearch)

This is a video I cam across that's from Berlin Buzzwords Querying 24 Billion Records in 900ms. The presentation is only 20 minutes long, but includes slides which is very helpful.

The speaker gives a lot of good information about trying to scale out ES on AWS to handle 24B records. They were able to do it successfully, which is excellent. They ended up moving to dedicated hardware to reduce the AWS cost.

  - Craig

foursquare now uses ElasticSearch

foursquare now uses ElasticSearch! This is pretty exciting news! It's great to see people switching over to ElasticSeach and seeing such great success. The article doesn't have a ton of details, but definitely worth looking at.

  - Craig

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

NoSQLUnit 0.3.2 Released

This is something quite interesting that I ran across today - NoSQLUnit 0.3.2. I didn't realize that there was a project out there like this, very cool!

Some NoSQL projects are easier to run embedded than others, and this could certainly help that. You always need help classes to facilitate running unit tests against a data source. I've writing unit tests against ElasticSearch, which has a local/memory mode that is great for writing tests against. Still, you have to generate your test data and load it into the search engine for testing.

Great project!

  - Craig